Barcelona Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Barcelona.

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ID 335557

Salvador Gironès Gil

Jack of all trades @ Redbooth. 2nd in the On-Premise team. Systems Architect. Software Engineer. Technical Support. Release Manager.

ID 59519

Rhommel Lamas

SRE at 3scale Networks S.L.

ID 765526

Israel Gayoso Pérez

Father of one baby (Celia) and two bikes (Shakira & La Impasable). Happily married with @soyxana. Systems Lead at @wuakitv

ID 781798

Joan Vega

CTO @tenderlog and CEO @inte; worked @apple

ID 438501

Louis Lambeau

Full Stack Engineer - DevOps - Cloud Architect.

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