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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Barcelona.

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ID 680471

jonny biggins

Making the world feel good one book at a time

ID 827114

Grega Trobec

Co-Founder and CEO @styliff. Worked in the gaming industry as a graphic designer since high school.

ID 387259

Alan Museljic

Founder and CEO: @shoplr-1

ID 200798

Luis Gosalbez

ID 102410

Ladislav Martincik

Tech lead at @foundum-s-l

ID 850550

Daniel Solis

CEO and founder of Blueliv. Before, high-responsability posts in the cyber security field of United Nations, KPMG and S21sec. Telecommunications engineer.

ID 146061

Marc Sallent

Founder AudioSnaps, @we-choose-fun • Worked at @diesel • Creative Technologist, specialised in human/machine interaction. Awarded in advertising

ID 691969

Pere Codina

CEO @kompyte , Serial Entrepreneur: Founded Cocosoft Barcelona in 2006, CTO @ since 2013

ID 860522

Christophe Avignon

Founder and CEO @flapit . Co-Founder and CEO @adcash • Studied at @self-taught. Dad.

ID 443696

Brian M Hiss

ID 278425

Xavier Olivella

Founder @cloudjutsu @invesreal @printeable

ID 596236

Xavi Asens

Manager Director at egluu, company specialized in Marketing Online, Booking systems, PMS and websites for Vacation Rentals.

ID 653820

Xavier Palomer Ripoll

CEO of Psious. Strong research background. Former PhD candidate in biomedical engineering at CU Boulder

ID 651833

Claude de Loupy

ID 101923

Pedro Coutinho

CEO & Founder @meethub, @waterdog-mobile • Worked at @german-aerospace-centre, @gmv-s-a • Studied at @chalmers-institute-of-technology

ID 648574

Karen Prats

CEO & co-founder, Founder, Founder • Studied at @iese-business-school-1

ID 807364

Olivier Plante

I believe that user-centric thinking is a gate to meaningful innovation

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