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ID 157930

Roberto Nygaard

PHP programmer and lover. JS and HTML5 curious. Flash hater. Into photography and astronomy. Like making unexpected features :) Love Start-Ups!

ID 93389

Jordi Romero

VP Business Development @redbooth-3-3, before CEO @itnig and CTO @redbooth-3. CS Engineer. Enjoys climbing, sailing, traveling and eating.

ID 165323

Cristian Sans

Designer and developer by nature and instinct. Lawyer by error. Now trying to shape the future of legal services at Lawdingo.

ID 22608

Xavi Caballé

Founder @anti-bleh. Solo built superdistribution service. Led acct aggregator sold to multiple banks @isoco. Engineer #2 at pioneer ISP in Spain (sold to telco)

ID 497119

Peter Cummings (MIoD)


Founder & Owner @socomo, @Borealis IT Ltd • Co-Owner & CTO @masterbranch

ID 503756

Ramón Lamana

ID 81659

Saverio Trioni

Nonlinear thinking at @socialfolders. Cross-everything engineer at Flumotion. Winner of a national Mathematical Olympiad. Father and husband.

ID 536838

Owen Convey

Backend developer specialising in low latency REST API's and big data RDBMS and NoSQL solutions. Author of

ID 454765

Denys Pasishnyi

I'm software developer and passionate about technologies. Mostly I have experience in PHP/Symfony but also I have strong knowledge developing in Android.

ID 67555

Nicolas Grenié

Intern Hacker in residence at @3scale Co founder of @cerealize Web, g33k, fun, frogs and snails !

ID 64236

Wojciech Ogrodowczyk

Software engineer for hire.

ID 491

Luis Martin Cabiedes



ID 156635

Alex Puig

Tech Entrepreneur, organiser of Digital Currency Summit in Andorra.

ID 176470

Mike Puchol

Founder & CTO, entrepreneur, and volunteer firefighter. Can learn anything in record time. Strongly passionate and driven.

ID 208636

Rob Fitzpatrick

Tech entrepreneur and custdev guy. I run and blog at Previously founder of 3 tech startups in the valley & UK.

ID 696566

Olivier Van Laere

ID 416979

Javier Molina

Work @ PayTouch

ID 483061

Joan Figuerola Hurtado

Founder Adlegant • Worked at @specifiedby-1, @indra-systems • Studied at @edinburgh-napier-university, @universitat-rovira-i-virgili

ID 299799

Andy Atkinson

Full-stack software engineer. Ruby on Rails since 2008. Worked at LivingSocial (60mm+ members).

ID 5399

Bruno Pedro

Web and Business developer with over fifteen years’ experience in both startups and large corporations.

ID 513186

Ivan Nikolic Fraguela

Founder of EyeLikeTV. Studied at @upc, @university-college-london. Worked at Tuenti

ID 76253

Vaibhav Puri

Experienced product manager and Rails engineer with experience developing on web & mobile. Love building great products & looking to join a passionate startup!

ID 292177

Javier Casares

Founder @geenapp

ID 120606

David Reche

Internet Entrepreneur and Software Engineer

ID 519918

Ricardo Vice Santos

Founder Roger • Worked at @spotify, @guestcentric-systems • Studied at @instituto-superior-tecnico

ID 152016

Xavier Orduña

Computer engineer that never forgets real application of solutions in Business. CTO at DEXMA.

ID 84298

Marc Puig

Entrepreneur, founder at @bloosee, Inc. and

ID 76918

Heiko Rauch

ID 215854

Xavi Fuentes

Founder @letskickin • Full stack PHP/Symfony2 developer • AngularJS + NodeJS • Lean startup geek

ID 194394

Jacob Suñol

Co-Founder & CEO of Medtep • Entrepreneur and web lover. FutureMed 2013 Alumni.

ID 249253

Francisco Manuel Muñoz Gama

CTO and Co-Founder of Social Synaptics • Bioinformatics software researcher and cutting-edge technology enthusiast. Worked at Roche Diagnostics, Altran and CSC.

ID 283613

Pedro Solá

Tech, trep & a whole bunch of whoop-ass

ID 304596

Marc Jover Gomà

Engineer Multimedia; Entrepreneur; Owner of some Startups; worked at Capgemini, Oracle

ID 40230

Birdie Coronel Dequay

Professional web developer and entrepreneur. Owner at ChiOri {khi'-Ory} New Media (@chiorimedia-com) with a rich portfolio of web-based projects.

ID 146061

Marc Sallent

Founder AudioSnaps, @we-choose-fun • Worked at @diesel • Creative Technologist, specialised in human/machine interaction. Awarded in advertising

ID 33879

Jacobo Pedrosa

Founder @lilymedia, @noituk

ID 139195

Philip De Smedt

Full-stack developer (Rails/JS/AngularJS); co-founder @compete-hub

ID 226931

Dani Gonzalez

Founder @infantium • Studied at @babson-college @esade @upc

ID 50664

Oriol Blanc

CTO & Co-Founder @topic-1

ID 296393

Roger Fernandez Guri

Software Engineer. Avid traveler. Founded @joiner . Worked at @icebergs-acquired-by-pinterest. I love to create things that didn't exist yesterday.

ID 260452

Sergio Arcos Sebastián

Researcher, Security Auditor, Developer, Software Architect, Enterpreteneur, ...

ID 429109

Adrià Casajús

CTO of @cloudjutsu • Developed and designed DIRAC for LHCb (experiment at CERN's LHC) while working at the University of Barcelona.

ID 44085

Jose Granado

Co-founder & CTO of Flaretag. Previously Software Engineer at Wipro and @nokia. Currently independent entrepreneur.

ID 625654

Marc Guilera

A programmer in love with design. A ‘prosigner’ looking at technology as a way of solving problems from an innovative perspective.

ID 79852

galo gimenez

Technologist at @hewlett-packard; Co-founder @knorbit-com; MSc University of California Irvine

ID 225458

Brice Pissard

CEO of Hypecal. 1st global events search engine app. Strong background in the IT. Previously CEO of @peachphone-com , CTO of @teleneo, Early member of @1stdibs

ID 36627

Alejandro Scandroli

Software Developer

ID 317808

Frederico Figueiredo

Lean, Agile, UX, Web, R&D and Fun!

ID 196362

Daniel Kunisch

ID 466251

Charles Garrett

Experienced Software Engineer - Full Stack Web Application Developer fueled by my curiosity, a quest for simplicity, and creating novel product experiences.

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 542624

Takayuki Sato

CTO at My Impact Education. MBA graduate at ESADE Business School, Barcelona. Worked at IBM. Full stack technologist to solve social causes

ID 139705

Patrick Heneise

Mobile Architect • Studied at @furtwangen-university-of-applied-sciences, @university-of-leiden

ID 381353

Víctor Casal

ID 167420

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals

Founder • Worked at @fastdove • Ubuntu/Debian Developer • Studied at UPC/BarcelonaTech

ID 261596

Max Schulze

Interim CTO - passionate about helping startups succeed. Rapid Prototyper and Problem Solver.

ID 208862

Daniel Clemente Laboreo

CTO and founder @zocko-com

ID 191857

Raimon Ràfols

Mobile Software Engineering Manager at Imagination Technologies; Mobile developer & computer graphics passionate.

ID 470130

Marc Pomar Torres

Worked at @infantium, @universitat-politecnica-de-catalunya • Studied at @universitat-politecnica-de-barcelona-fib

ID 309120

Kristian Dupont

Software developer with strong startup experience. Business oriented. Degree in computer science and neuroscience from Copenhagen University.

ID 397368

Pol Jeremias

Rendering engineer. Beautypi and Shadertoy co-creator. Worked at LucasArts. Originally from Barcelona but now based in San Francisco, CA.

ID 605518

Jordi Gimenez Gamez

Entrepreneur, iOS & Android developer, security enthusiast. Co-Founder of Mobile Jazz.

ID 149898

Toni Rodriguez

CTO & Founder at Hall Street - Rethinker on Technology

ID 209019

Emili Parreno

Ruby on Rails developer, consultant & trainer. Rails core contributor. ProRuby member

ID 101255

Teemu Hukkanen

Free and Open Source software guy

ID 130044

Nathaniel Stanley

Researcher at

ID 493785

David Pujadas

CTO Fancybox. Worked at high traffic web companies such as and

ID 505776

Jakab Pilaszanovich

Top of Class at University of Edinburgh, Interned at Telekom Innovation Labs and smaller startups in Barcelona. Confident coding skills

ID 786987

Chema Garrido

ID 204950

Aitor Conde

Motivated by social impact driven entrepreneurship. 5+ years Agile software developer. Lean startup believer.

ID 242456

Xavier de Caso Boquera

Xavier de Caso Boquera, Management Assistant Fundació b_TEC Plásticos Raysa, Cuatrecasas Abogados, S.R.L., Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

ID 639806

Enzo Brands

Master of Industrial Sciences at University of Antwerp; Experience with software support and development

ID 450135

Jorge-Carlos Danoz Cano

Software Specialist, 10+ years in Software Development and Systems Design, 10+ years in Pharmaceutical Market Experience. Passionate. Team leader.

ID 491854

Stefano Chiazza

Aerospace Engineer (France and Spain). Master's thesis at Princeton.

ID 185457

Martin From

Entrepreneur and founder of Clozt.

ID 531812

Nilay Badavne

Full Time MBA Student at ESADE Business School, Barcelona; Worked at AsusTek Computers as R&D Engineer on Natural Language Processing

ID 494904

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Co-founder & CMO at @marsbased. Startup Grind Barcelona Chapter Director.

ID 10278

Diego Luis Sarmiento

Co-Founder & CTO of WebProAdmin. Master Degree in Technology (PUC Chile).

ID 269048

David Arcos

ID 604625

Gary Hogarth

Founder @aoceu-ltd • Worked at @gekko-com, @bababoo • Studied at @brunel-university

ID 441909

David Iglesias Recasens

Computer cience engineer with a PM master. Working as CTO at Aether Consulting

ID 106171

andrea mucci

@django,@python and @angular expert.Project System Application Architect at @alstom , Product Manager at @mitel-telecom ,Senior Developer at @domestika-llc

ID 274541

Raul Mordillo Lluva

Working with Pentaho, PL/SQL, Oracle and java web Applications. Worked in Holland for 2 years

ID 823440

Hayden Stainsby

What you get when you cross a number theorist with a software hacker.

ID 129205

Francisco J Belchí

Mobile Application Developer at Work Angel Technology Ltd

ID 451850

Carlos Villavieja

UPC Ph.D. Computer architect/scientist/developer with interest in mobile systems and large scale systems.

ID 732922

Facundo Farias

Software Engineer - I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

ID 311548

Albert Alonso

Software developer, passionate about building things, thinking big, with strong interest in all texhnologies. Large experience in web application development, with great involvement in the projects where I developed.

ID 26151

Bernat Fages

Founder Calloud. Candidate MSc AI UoE. Cofounded Joiner. BSc Network Engineering La Salle. Worked at Telefónica Research and Banc Sabadell.

ID 440056

Marc Lladó

Internet, Tech, IT professional. Check out my linkedIn profile for further information.

ID 251527

Angel Sánchez Morales

Developer, Videogame phanatic and hobby musician.

ID 526516

Marçal Juan

Founder @iitail. Never stop innovating. Flat is boring!

ID 439290

Kostas Karachalios

Self-taught, full-stack developer; passionate about TDD; interested in solving real problems

ID 705820

Bernardo Salazar

Software Engineer

ID 456501

Lucas Brembilla

Web developer, 6+ years of experience. Entrepreneur, responsible, proactive and detail-oriented person. Fond of travel and sports, especially basketball.

ID 481484

Patrick Sinz

Full Stack CTO, Experimented Biz Dev, World Wide experience, Startup & large Corps

ID 163767

Ricard Cabrera

Salesforce Developer. Working at @puck-solutions • Studied at @universitat-autonoma-barcelona

ID 259631

Josep Oriol Lavado Fontanet

Joe Web's CEO. Engineer and MSc in IT Management. Passionate on technology, especialized in Marketing. Helping companies to get real benefits from the e-world.

ID 196176

Ivan Fraixedes

Software/System Engineer & Full-Stack Development

ID 572542

Fabien Sebban

Worked at @yadwire • Studied at UPC - EETAC

ID 679045

Edu Rivera

Younger Developer, with 2 years of experience, worked at T-system, and Coneix

ID 719071

Xavier Company Soriano

Digital Marketing Engineer and Scrum Master. With 5 years experience in digital projects, which require expert knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies.

ID 802585

Marc Garcia

ID 411709

Alejandro Cornejo

Web passionate, extremely organized. Scrum developer. Searching exciting projects.

ID 226541

Xavi Rigau

Android and mobile developer. Building awesome apps & games @no2apps.

ID 715776

Jordi Orriols

Founder ClientArea

ID 404307

Naoise Golden

Frontend developer and crazy about startups. I am visiting some old friends in San Francisco in October.

ID 256336

Gustavo Giudici

Mathematics and Physics Student, full stack developer.

ID 151423

Juan Luis Jimenez

Worked at @softonic-com, @neoris • Studied at @la-salle-university

ID 240561

Mohamed El Idrissi

CTO at Nautilus Tech, and making personal projects. Developement projects with PHP, Orientated Objects and much more.

ID 200455

Adrian Latorre Crespo

Android and Front-end developer. Telecomunications engeneer. Always learning (AngularJS, MongoDB,Python...) and making projects. Co-Founder @el-androide-libre .

ID 377661

Xavier Ruiz Royo

IT Project Manager at @Incubio

ID 513925

Albert Casanovas Aymerich

Software Enginner worked in InLab FIB, HYDs, OPTIM-A and CometGC. Founder

ID 310755

Albert Paris

Front & back-end developer, lead mobile first strategies; In love with Codeigniter & Yii

ID 603777

Tommaso Caneva

PhD in Physics; hands-on experience in numerical simulations, programming, optimization algorithms and data analysis. Looking for new challenges in industry

ID 137257

Xavi Valero

UI/UX Designer & Front-End Engineer at Co-founder of TweetAnApp.

ID 302413

Alejandro Velasco

Hardcore C++ coder, full product development, lead.

ID 511460

José Manuel Pérez Sevilla

Worked at @atrapalo-com, @quizlyse • Studied at @universitat-politecnica-de-barcelona-fib

ID 540234

Rafael Zamora

CTO at Cocoamate. Mobile developer and etrepreneur from Caracas, Venezuela.

ID 282732

David Creixell Mediante

Computer Engineer. PHP Senior developer, Symfony long experience. SQL & noSQL. Front-end and back-end coder. Co-Founder of

ID 398251

Enric Sarrado

Software Engineer focused on mobile development. iOS, Android, WP8, Blackberry and HTML5 responsive-design apps.

ID 244197

Gabriel Boucher

Cofounder of Amiral Agence Web, ULaval CS, full stack engineer, solution oriented, no bullshit. Javascript master / PHP expert / Rails practitioner

ID 344449

Xavier Tisaire

Freelance, previously CTO and cofounder of Wings for Media

ID 606262

Rodrigo Weffer

Computer Scientist and MSc. in Artificial Intelligence; Full Stack Developer; Multidisciplinary . Believer of big changes come from small companies.

ID 796715

Samuel Le

Background combining maths, data mining and programming. Used to do independent research. Now solo founder of a startup in the domain of education technology.

ID 300369

Andrea Ercolino

Passionate programmer and web expert, can make big apps from scratch, love to convert tedious into easy. Based in sunny Mediterranean sea (Barcelona, Spain).

ID 297474

Tair Assimov

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Coach and Leader passionate building innovative Web products.

ID 138548

Manel Pérez

Senior PHP Developer at Softonic

ID 540886

Javier Ferrer

Worked at @uvinum, @bubiloop • Studied at @polytechnic-university-of-catalonia

ID 737921

Arslaan Hamza Mohammad Jabeen

Electronical engineering student and also completed Ironhack where i perfeccioned my Ruby on Rails, Javascript and Html skills

ID 613852

Ricard Solé Casas

Freelance web developer

ID 782012

Víctor Garcia

CTO at

ID 704086

Kiko Beats

Computer Scientist and Software Engineer specialized in networks, but the most important thing: very passionate person who loves to making stuff in internet.

ID 679725

Benjamin Tarenne

I'm a junior Full-stack web developer in Ironhack, a place where I can use my knowledge's of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby, Rails, git, TDD, agile methods.

ID 765526

Israel Gayoso Pérez

Father of one baby (Celia) and two bikes (Shakira & La Impasable). Happily married with @soyxana. Systems Lead at @wuakitv

ID 97525

Luca Bilotta

Experienced Consultant on iPhone/Android/desktop/web App, Flash, Actionscript, Games, Interactive installations, Technical consultant for Adobe Italia

ID 63880

Claudio Torres

Digital Entreprenuer and Digital Marketing Expert. Successfully found and exit two startups (CUBE and PostExpress). Strong Business and Programming Background.

ID 160684

Jonay Pelluz

Founder @paravegetarianos, Worked at @grupo-intercom

ID 321312

Josep Mª Vallverdú Queralt

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Also founder CursosGpl S.C.P. Approved Trainning Partner Linux Professional Institute (LPI).

ID 381456

Xavier Francisco Gilabert

ID 680964

Dario Cavanillas

Web Developer student at Ironhack

ID 252310

Ramon Fernández Mir

16 YO iOS & back end developer. Starting-up @ Tomorrow.

ID 781798

Joan Vega

CTO @tenderlog and CEO @inte; worked @apple

ID 672182

Fàtima Galan

Project Manager, Analyst and Programmer, Specialized in Information Systems Design. Big Data and Semantic Web enthusiast.

ID 382943

Carlos Blasi Palacios

ID 441930

Carlos Guirao Capistany

$foo = "bar";

ID 536436

Pietro Marinelli

MsC in Statistic for information technologies. 10 years experience as a Data Scientist

ID 438501

Louis Lambeau

Full Stack Engineer - DevOps - Cloud Architect.

ID 853273

Emma Capener

Ui/ux backend designer for HP in Barcelona

ID 600325

Mike San Román

ID 805988

Victor Demin

ID 444629

Nil Portugués Calderó

Computer Science Engineer. Entepreneur: founded and built for 10 years which was bought by later on. Actively giving tech-talks.

ID 455177

Saul Prior

ID 614739

Luis Grande

ID 467057

Victor Bjelkholm

21 year old guy trying to reach Zen in software development. . . . Doing PHP development and Javascript development with AngularJS right now

ID 814432

Ignasi Marimon-Clos

/iŋ'nazi/ (1) Problem solver, scala/java, agile. (2) Kayaker. (3) Under construction. (4) wears glasses. (5) @scalabcn organizer

ID 403723

Leonid Kyrpychenko

Master's in CS, Top end Engineer and Product Developer (Payments experience)

ID 410449

Vicente Romero Calero

Desarrollador Web Senior. Desarrollador Android en mi tiempo libre.

ID 402480

Sophie Domingues

ID 413447

Guillermo Ceballos

Full Stack Developer on large-scale projects oriented to mobile application markets. Worked at Chillingo, Electronic Arts and Malcom.

ID 841602

David López Dayer

Creative and fast learning telecommunication engineer with expertise in software development.

ID 503666

Eric Garcia Ordoñez

I'm a Software Developer focused in projects for entrepreneurs and startups, my best skills are in IT governance and application development.

ID 481802

Oliver Valls

CEO at CodiTramuntana and SporTravelling, Software Engineer with special knowledge in pattern related design and architecture design.

ID 834454

Isaac Rodríguez

 iOS / Javascript / Android / developer. Looking for a new vision.

ID 534513

Jaume Galí Gomez

CEO at Galix Studio. Worked at VSN, WATT & T-Systems

ID 583307

Toni Vega

Software developer at Privalia. Full stack developer.

ID 724093

Christian Jiménez Latorre

PHP web developer, Worked at,

ID 467143

Isern Palaus

I'm Isern and I'm always smiling even though I'm a developer. I love what I do and I love to travel, but I really love doing both at once.

ID 165267


Entrepreneur and analyst-programmer in Zend Framework with over 9 years of experience in web application development. Working at @helpmycash

ID 200860

Maarten van Wijck

Founder Musicxip. My 3rd Music startup. I work to alllow Musicians to become Pros and Monetize music. International MBA at the University of Groningen (NL)

ID 170182

Daniel Ripoll Osma

Founder @botmania-enterprises • Worked at @iglues, @todo-redes-de-comunicaci-n-global-s-l

ID 316239


Founder @triptourage and @citibuddies

ID 251551

Magdalena Lipinska

Startups freak, full stack developer, single page app aficionado,

ID 369010

Carlos-Javier Garde Marí

ID 218748

Alejandro Hoyos

Colombian, Geek, Web developer, php, ruby, javascript, backbone, and more

ID 154343

Jordi Garcia

Founder SportyCrowd, AreaBalonmano • Worked at @airbnb

ID 323715

Marc Ràfols Ibáñez

ID 240553

Jeroen van Meerendonk

I'm a UI/UX frontend designer and developer, a self-taught and pixel detail enthusiast who loves HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

ID 277399

Robert Bosch

ID 372117

Markus Seebacher

love full-stack engineering; payment systems engineer at Deenero Spain; tech lead at

ID 335557

Salvador Gironès Gil

Jack of all trades @ Redbooth. 2nd in the On-Premise team. Systems Architect. Software Engineer. Technical Support. Release Manager.

ID 83329

Sergio Sola

Software Engineer at Service2Media, studying a B.Sc of Computer Science in my free time.

ID 83611

Fernando García Bernal

Mobile Apps Engineer en Fever, Inc

ID 251088

Alexandru Trandafir

Web developer and founder of @happyseotools

ID 239932

Alberto G. Catalán

Artesano del código. Emprendedor. Freelance. Creando en @Millolab. Escribo en @ALT1040 sobre startups.

ID 397253

Andres Martinez Garcia

UI / UX Architect and Web Developer. Strong visual skills and created successful UI like,, and others. Proactive programmer.

ID 96287


Freelancing iOS Application Developer. Worked at/for myTaxi, Jung von Matt, Adamasvision, Pictorama, Cellular GmbH.

ID 387259

Alan Museljic

Founder and CEO: @shoplr-1

ID 127796

Álex García González


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