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ID 600867

Rodrigo Belmonte

US Country Manager at @nativead Success-driven digital, sales, and marketing professional offering large work experience in progressively senior assignments with proficiency in international business. IESE Business School.

ID 525058

Kartikeya Mehrotra

Worked @infosys-technologies & @hiphunters. MBA @iese-business-school. BEng in E&TC. Experience in Project Mngmt, Product Dev, Online Marketing and Biz Dev.

ID 779849

Oriol Batlle Linares

Founder Dumbo • Worked at @rocket-internet, @nissan • Studied at @esade, @kth-royal-institute-of-technology-1

ID 377693

Salvador Severich

CMO of @signaturit

ID 658774

Laura Konitzer

Passionate and competitive business and tech student at La Salle with a passion for start-ups and all the nitty gritty surrounding it.

ID 411385

George Jurgens

Third Culture Kid, passionate about technology. I’m a user acquisitions expert with experience in Social gaming, and Sharing economies.

ID 618252

Ilonka von Spanyar

BizDev @terminis

ID 827198

Zaida Bericat

International Business Development at Styliff.

ID 343560

Nick Avedesian

CEO of The Vantage Group | Founder of Avedesian Enterprises

ID 278425

Xavier Olivella

Founder @cloudjutsu @invesreal @printeable

ID 641555

Tomás Franco

CEO Ipiari Corporation -First Prize: Best Business Plan 2005/2006- Young Entrepreneur Prize- Top Capital both 2012 and 2013 CEEIM- Creation of

ID 165255

David Griffin

Customer Happiness Fanatic | Veteran BD, Sales & Marketing Director | Start-up Growth, Community, Operations | Serial Entrepreneur

ID 15728

Alexander Dmitrenko Marchenkoff


Founder @the7studios-spain • Investor @the7studios-spain • Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 845878

Edoardo Calvi Musini

Co-founder & ex-CEO of Brainit. Strong background (MEng Civil Engineering, MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship) Driven, ambitious, passionate, social

ID 176417

Rita Almela

Co-Founder @almashopping, 1st beauty e-commerce, content and community in LatAm. ( @cpm-telecom, @caixa-capital-risc-1). EMBA at @iese-business-school-1

ID 318529

Antonio Vallejo Chanal

Social Media and Social Networking. Consultant. Counsellor. Trainer. Expert and Partner at HootSuite. Creator of the first Web Publishing Crowd.

ID 560121

Eva Cabral

Energetic, results-oriented self-starter. 9 yrs in roles spanning BizDev, Project Management, Operations, etc. 6 yrs @google. MBA in Entrepreneurship @ie.

ID 859392

Andrea Gaudenzi



ID 597283

Emilio Sepulveda

I'm CEO & co-Founder of a company that develops next generation kitchen appliances, based on 3D printing technology, using REAL food.

ID 375039

César Pahl

Business Analysis & Marketing Specialist. MBA (ESADE), Mechanical Engineer (UNIMET)

ID 224755

Juan Manuel Lucero

Senior Online Marketer, Branding & traffic generation expert. Experienced entrepreneur.

ID 170527

Malwine Steinbock

Strategic Planning, Marketing and Growth. Cofounder and CEO of Cookbooth. Previously worked for BBDO, Y&R, clients include Danone, PepsiCo, CocaCola,Greenpeace

ID 494139

Priscilla Lavoie

Co-Founder/CMO @ Binder. Founder/CEO @ CrowdEats. Online expert. Nstein + Open Text in Bus Dev + Marketing management. 2014 MBA from IESE Business School.

ID 818906

Rodolphe Dutel

BizDev at @buffer. Tweeting about startups & personal development Curating @OhiLikeArt and learning at all times!

ID 582114

Jennifer Woodard

Founder of @sisu-labs-1 working on real-time social media intelligence powered by semantic analysis and NLP. Before: tech marketing and PR in San Francisco.

ID 656741

Jeffrey Massana Gregory

ID 542815

Alexandra Sentís

Attending Digital Marketing Programme, #Generation from McKinsey. Business graduate from UCSB, from Barcelona. Interested in technology and new challenges.

ID 133163

Claudio Cossio

Co-founder at @interesante - Marketing & PR | User Acquisition | Analytics | Product Development | Business Development Spain/LATAM |

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