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ID 845878

Edoardo Calvi Musini

Co-founder & ex-CEO of Brainit. Strong background (MEng Civil Engineering, MSc Innovation & Entrepreneurship) Driven, ambitious, passionate, social

ID 887951

Camilo von Siebenthal

ID 40266

Nuno Coelho Martins

Co-Founder of Savanza micro-credit for students. Co-Founder of RockYourMeal(.com) Strong business background (@accenture & @world-economic-forum).

ID 859392

Andrea Gaudenzi



ID 175100

Fredi Fernández

Founder @bizlinks @MakingMyself @alpha-origins • Worked at @barclays-capital, @fernbach-software

ID 313944

Victor Horcasitas

Executive director in several companies, led small + large teams in multinational engagements in Europe/Africa/US/Mex. Seek new challenges. Spanish & Catalan

ID 93389

Jordi Romero

VP Business Development @redbooth-3-3, before CEO @itnig and CTO @redbooth-3. CS Engineer. Enjoys climbing, sailing, traveling and eating.

ID 165255

David Griffin

Customer Happiness Fanatic | Veteran BD, Sales & Marketing Director | Start-up Growth, Community, Operations | Serial Entrepreneur

ID 258108

Xavier Alabart

Founder @aether-consulting • Studied at @international-space-university, @hult-international-business-school

ID 357597

Jonathan Hayes

CEO of Dinube. 3rd software startup. B.A. (Hons) Law University of Sheffield (UK) and University of Salamanca (Spain). MIT Sloan MBA Global Leadership

ID 497119

Peter Cummings (MIoD)


Founder & Owner @socomo, @Borealis IT Ltd • Co-Owner & CTO @masterbranch

ID 829256

Victor Duran

Dutch EU/EFTA passports holder - Trilingual: English/Spanish/Dutch, Finance postgraduate degree from UC BERKELEY. Solid background in the High-Tech industry.

ID 542815

Alexandra Sentís

Attending Digital Marketing Programme, #Generation from McKinsey. Business graduate from UCSB, from Barcelona. Interested in technology and new challenges.

ID 343252

Jakob Storm

Founder @crowdcurity • Worked at @chr-hansen-a-s • Studied at @upc, @engineering-college-of-copenhagen

ID 223171

Mari Carmen Martin

VP Sales and Marketing at @CloudTalent_Hn #HR20 #talent #personalbranding #innovation #leadership #SocialMediaStrategist

ID 133163

Claudio Cossio

Co-founder at @interesante - Marketing & PR | User Acquisition | Analytics | Product Development | Business Development Spain/LATAM |

ID 415088

Marieli Solé Toledano

Portfolio manager at @nauta-capital, Worked @deloitte • Studied at @esade, @emory-university

ID 148715

Daniel Rongo

Digital Marketing at @garaggge • Worked at @google, @microsoft • Studied at @harvard-university • SaaS, Online Services, eCommerce • High school startuper

ID 228259

Stewart Masters

Co-founder & CEO @clubkviar. Co-founder & Editor at Barcinno. Mentor @sbootcamp @seedcamp. Strong business background (consultant in global media firm).

ID 492136

Jorge Luis Conrado Barroso

Industrial Engineer • MBA @IESE Business School • Logistics Manager @grupo-damm • Strong background in Supply Chain • Founder and Investor •

ID 828761

Lucia Barroso

Scrum Master at Agbar; Augmented Reality App Creation. Strong business and Marketing Background.

ID 439641

Eduard Jubany Tur

Entrepreneur in life with a preference for challenges and creativity. Experience in Europe and Asia, through consulting, marketing and digital business.

ID 560121

Eva Cabral

Energetic, results-oriented self-starter. 9 yrs in roles spanning BizDev, Project Management, Operations, etc. 6 yrs @google. MBA in Entrepreneurship @ie.

ID 581615

Kami Dar

Founder Devex • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 91167

Daniel Alzina

Sales & Business Development Director at Winhotel, Co-Founder at Idearium Technologies

ID 525058

Kartikeya Mehrotra

Worked @infosys-technologies & @hiphunters. MBA @iese-business-school. BEng in E&TC. Experience in Project Mngmt, Product Dev, Online Marketing and Biz Dev.

ID 267083

Esteve Almirall


Student at NYU. Owner at BarcelonaHomes. 1st startup in high school.

ID 82402

Matthew Lester

Chief Operations Officer at @advocatalog-1

ID 531812

Nilay Badavne

Full Time MBA Student at ESADE Business School, Barcelona; Worked at AsusTek Computers as R&D Engineer on Natural Language Processing

ID 462023

Michael Thomas

Econ and Spanish Major at Columbia University of New York, Founder of Northern Soul Official ( Experienced in equity fund raising.

ID 259860

Travis Granfar

CEO @Licious Media, investor @Bitesize Ventures, producer, advisor, strategist, serial entrepreneur

ID 779849

Oriol Batlle Linares

Founder Dumbo • Worked at @rocket-internet, @nissan • Studied at @esade, @kth-royal-institute-of-technology-1

ID 138659

Ziya Cemre Kutluay

Idea farmer, team builder, co-founder.

ID 597986

Matthew Crane

ESADE MBA Candidate, External Consultant at Loop-CN. Strong background in Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Management and Finance.

ID 871944

Marta Morillas Subirós

Co-Founder of Teistus, 1st money-rewarding food-rating app. Strong business background (JPMorgan Chase, Red Code Marketing, Morillas branding). ESADE BBA 2016.

ID 516736

Prateek Gupta

MBA Graduate, Startup Enthusiast, wanting a career in technology - E-commerce and M-Commerce

ID 524498

Jorge Lluch

Telecommunications Engineer and MBA, currently working at Privalia. Founder of start-ups and passionate about technology and ecommerce

ID 458273

José-María Guerra

Founded a BENiK conferences; wrote a thesis on internet rights; reading on the internet and the law. Passionate of singularity

ID 647586

Neeti Bhargava

IESE MBA, Entrepreneur, love challenges, great team player, established leadership skills, proactive at getting tasks accomplished, eager to learn.

ID 62607

Albert Abello Lozano

COO and co-founder at @ilustrum. MSc from Aalto University and UPC. Worked at Ericsson as researcher.

ID 652932

Martin Mayer

Seasoned manager with proven track record at start-up companies

ID 697644

David Monegal

ESADE graduate, experience in marketing, business development and consulting. Proactive and dynamic person

ID 705797

ebru demirci

Project Manager

ID 745057

David Gabriel Ramirez

I seek to be an integral part of a startup or small business who aims for excellence.

ID 645523

Geeshan Willink

Data Science & analytics Professional

ID 544279

Màxime Banon Castells

Financial analyst with experience in Business Restructuring, Forensic, Independent expert at Courts for cross border acquisitions and related proposals.

ID 658774

Laura Konitzer

Passionate and competitive business and tech student at La Salle with a passion for start-ups and all the nitty gritty surrounding it.

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founder & CEO @motobidia, Head of Product & Operations @ngp-van-inc Automotive, eCommerce, SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 372312

Jose R. Gorchs

Computer Engineer (including with MIT's 6.002 course in Electronics), co-foounded several startups. Wide experience in startups and international large companies (SGI, Openwave, HP). Technical background but very strongly customer oriented

ID 494904

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Co-founder & CMO at @marsbased. Startup Grind Barcelona Chapter Director.

ID 684294

Luis Miguel Alvarez

Out of the box thinker and aspiring entrepreneur. Innovation & Entrepreneurship student. Hoping to work with talented people and challenge myself!

ID 673915

Rémi Gaich

Sports Marketing, Business development, strategic partnerships, Sales, Sponsorship

ID 542006

Maximova Alexandra

ESADE Business School, strong knowledge of India, experience in web services bizdev

ID 818846

Iska Staffler

Communicative, enterprising, creative and driven person. Passionate team worker, with an organized mind and a holistic view!

ID 639806

Enzo Brands

Master of Industrial Sciences at University of Antwerp; Experience with software support and development

ID 525709

Gina Vidal

ID 827623

Leandre Mary Barton

Artistically orientated, experience working in start-up company as part of design team, creative and imaginative

ID 213756

Jose Bautista

Designer working in the place where machines and humans meet.

ID 850956

Tomás Klimberg

ID 873896

Ricard Viloca Amat

Ricard Viloca - 

ID 795066

Claudio De Rossi

Heritage menswear deisgner w emphasis on mid century dandy gentlemen, 1st e-commerce menswear label in Italy designing and successfully selling head to toe

ID 338641

Marcelo Piedra

Business Development / Business Management

ID 738568

Toni Gonzalez

CSO of Schibsted Classified Media Spain. Whitehat hacker and security enthusiast.

ID 818963

Nicolas Rochet

Third year ESADE student, graduating in 2016. Interested in having an internship experience in a start-up.

ID 676731

Oriol Gallostra i Montells

Multi-channel business development, with entrepreneurship spirit, flexibility and responsibility.

ID 846586

Enrique Mur

Sales Manager at @rivalio

ID 855665

Waleed Shleha


ID 614379

Monique Leonhardt

ESADE Business School student in Innovation & Entrepreneurship looking for internship in the dynamic startup environment for this summer

ID 697306

Leah Binsted

Business Administration Undergraduate. Currently working as a Digital Operations Executive at BRANDCRUMB. Strong business backgroung (BancSabadell d'Andorra).

ID 589874

Ajay Singh

Experience as IT product manager in Insurance Domain. Undergrad Engineering in ECE. Passionate about technology especially telecom, Electronics and Internet.

ID 778437

Oscar Abellaneda

ID 583894

Tayseer Aiman


ID 855709

Jack Abbott

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