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ID 696566

Olivier Van Laere

ID 331476

Adriana Freitas

ID 852729

Phil Delude

Business executive with a background in data science

ID 689139

Manuel Thurner

DailyDeal intern, first employee at cloudnumbers, now co-founded volo - the local delivery service. MsC Computer Science MIT / TUM

ID 645523

Geeshan Willink

Data Science & analytics Professional

ID 844776

Kirill Sirasancerre

UI/UX specialist; 15+ eCommerce projects in Russia; 4+ websites/apps for aviation; 5+ services; Analytics / Tenders / Creative Ideas / Wireframing UI.

ID 603777

Tommaso Caneva

PhD in Physics; hands-on experience in numerical simulations, programming, optimization algorithms and data analysis. Looking for new challenges in industry

ID 536436

Pietro Marinelli

MsC in Statistic for information technologies. 10 years experience as a Data Scientist

ID 858144

Tim Kreienkamp

Aspiring Data Scientist with sound knowledge not only on the technical but also on the business side.

ID 26151

Bernat Fages

Founder Calloud. Candidate MSc AI UoE. Cofounded Joiner. BSc Network Engineering La Salle. Worked at Telefónica Research and Banc Sabadell.

ID 779849

Oriol Batlle Linares

Founder Dumbo • Worked at @rocket-internet, @nissan • Studied at @esade, @kth-royal-institute-of-technology-1

ID 875646

Elena Màrmol Soley

MSc student at La Salle BCN; HCI Researcher at La Salle R&D Department.

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