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ID 296393

Roger Fernandez Guri

Software Engineer. Avid traveler. Founded @joiner . Worked at @icebergs-acquired-by-pinterest. I love to create things that didn't exist yesterday.

ID 100797

Josef Richter

ux/ui designer, mobile & web, worked in @y-combinator with @orankl-3, @hitfox Berlin, @ernst-young Prague, etc. less is more and devil is in detail.

ID 304596

Marc Jover Gomà

Engineer Multimedia; Entrepreneur; Owner of some Startups; worked at Capgemini, Oracle

ID 802378

Thiago Monteiro

Product Manager at UppTalk. Co-Founder of Le Petit Pirate. MA Communication Strategies and Art Direction. MA Typography.

ID 124074

maria santolaria

Innovation consultant. TEDxYouthBarcelona curator. Fellow at CCA, San Francisco. Currently living in Barcelona.

ID 820737

Alba Graus

Stanford SAPM. Product Manager, Designer & Fast Learner. Concept + Development of innovative products; application of new technologies; marketing solutions.

ID 313592

Raphael P.M. Lang

Co-Founder @babybe, Winner Fujitsu Design Award, TEDx Stuttgart Speaker, Advisor: Daimler, Roche Diagnostics, Trumpf, Now [email protected]

ID 761184

Rafa Gross-Brown

Interaction Designer; NYU-ITP Masters in Interactive Tech, generated and prototyped interaction concepts for video service platform, interned at Telefonica R&D

ID 743109

Ricard Rovira

Over the last years I have worked with a large range of clients and teams to create cross-platform experiences and responsive solutions.

ID 128362

Polina Flegontovna

Designer, Illustrator, Photographer.

ID 40230

Birdie Coronel Dequay

Professional web developer and entrepreneur. Owner at ChiOri {khi'-Ory} New Media (@chiorimedia-com) with a rich portfolio of web-based projects.

ID 208828

Maximiliaan Van Kuyk

Founder V APP • Founder Envoy • Creative Digital Strategist @sqreface • Studied @university-of-melbourne • Events Olympics Beijing, China 2008 • Volunteered in Uganda 2006/7

ID 395719

Andrea Ristori

UI / UX Designer @ UppTalk. Resourceful creative with a strong technical foundation. Always hungry and always foolish.

ID 357750

Thomas Maas

Designer & founder of Webtypes. Crafting ideas, words & designs into solid user experiences and iterating them to perfection.

ID 408479

Marta Pérez Pérez

I’m an Advertiser. In addition, I have studied a M.A. of Graphic Design in Barcelona. I worked at @stylistpick-2 and now I'm working at @weplann,

ID 102820

Ian Collingwood

Founder of UXdna. Entrepreneur, product specialist, UX & Lean Practitioner. Mentor, advisor. I help startups make great UX their secret weapon.

ID 317808

Frederico Figueiredo

Lean, Agile, UX, Web, R&D and Fun!

ID 154631

Jordi Valls

Chief Marketing Technologist and Entrepreneur

ID 807708

Alfonso Rivera

Senior Graphic/Web Designer, with 11 years of experience across Design and Multimedia, Direct marketing design, and web design.

ID 725699

Mariagauri Barahona

BRANDING DEGREE- Advertisign Designer-UI/ UX designer -developing skills!

ID 392426

Johan Steneros

Founder @growcrowd / Owner @adstrakt / Branding & Digital Communication Swiss Army Knife. Studied at @london Metropolitan University

ID 772105

Andrea García García

Conceptual Design ,creative and Visual Design Creating solutions for Global Design Requirements That target brand user.Focus on " Design Thinking"

ID 343203

Alexis Roqué

Co-founder @undefined_es and @testabit. Entrepreneur, UX Designer and Lean enthusiastic

ID 10278

Diego Luis Sarmiento

Co-Founder & CTO of WebProAdmin. Master Degree in Technology (PUC Chile).

ID 876721

Alexandra Sternin

Designer, art director and illustrator. Worked with MTV, WHO, a number of start-ups and ad-agencies.

ID 569787

Denis Fernandez Gridchin

Frontend Designer & Developer

ID 80086

Laurent Granier

UX designer - Web product manager

ID 206662

Francesco Furno

Founder @relajaelcoco

ID 834193

Bruno Chiner

Developer and designer at @shysurvey. Built and sold Subtle - minimalist notepad for iOS.

ID 625654

Marc Guilera

A programmer in love with design. A ‘prosigner’ looking at technology as a way of solving problems from an innovative perspective.

ID 343160

Pau Olivella

UX Designer and Project Manager. Mobile APP startup co-founder, ICT consultant and UX Designer in eyeOS.

ID 299727

Andrés Ortiz Massó / Vate

Electronic music producer and composer / Multimedia Designer. Founder at

ID 101865

Derry Birkett

Design Thinker - UI/UX & Front-end. Designing since 1999 in London, Ireland, Spain & Italy. Speaks Spanish & Italian. Advising @ifunding Drinks Coffee. Lots.

ID 136099

Eloi Alcaide Matavera

Internet business. Created apps reaching +1M audience. Co-owner of @wwwarcelona and @lafosca, web and mobile studios based in Barcelona.

ID 311548

Albert Alonso

Software developer, passionate about building things, thinking big, with strong interest in all texhnologies. Large experience in web application development, with great involvement in the projects where I developed.

ID 251527

Angel Sánchez Morales

Developer, Videogame phanatic and hobby musician.

ID 382943

Carlos Blasi Palacios

ID 694745

Andrea Grasso

Founder Sans Form • Studied at @istituto-europeo-di-design

ID 850592

Marcos Camacho Garcia

Web and Graphic designer. HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and e-mail delivery systems like Mailchimp.

ID 807223

Iván Arnal

Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

ID 715776

Jordi Orriols

Founder ClientArea

ID 492006

Andrelo (freelance)

Graphic Desginer student at IES University College. Worked at Digital Parks, Marketing Director, work at

ID 808981

Rita Brito

Lead Visual/Interactive Designer. 1 Laus Award 2014. Graphic Design Degree. Worked at T4XI, Lifting Consulting and Groupalia.

ID 726873

Magdalena Binczycka

UX/UI designer, entrepreneur for more than 3 years with own client list, more than 5 years of experience in web designing and developing

ID 875646

Elena Màrmol Soley

MSc student at La Salle BCN; HCI Researcher at La Salle R&D Department.

ID 840075

Amil Hasanbegovic

Strategic UX Lead at Scytl, Senior Interaction Designer, UX Consultant, GUI Designer, Usability & Accessibility Expert

ID 821478

Miriam Figueras

Senior Graphic & Multimedia designer, plus movie blog editor. Worked at Mango and developed projects for BBraun, Novartis, National Geographic or FC Barcelona.

ID 844776

Kirill Sirasancerre

UI/UX specialist; 15+ eCommerce projects in Russia; 4+ websites/apps for aviation; 5+ services; Analytics / Tenders / Creative Ideas / Wireframing UI.

ID 651517

Alfredo Canales

Art director, UI-UX design with many years of experience

ID 137257

Xavi Valero

UI/UX Designer & Front-End Engineer at Co-founder of TweetAnApp.

ID 807237

Jaume A

Visual Designer and Project Manager; Dynamic conceptual thinker and technical producer. For me life is a learning process, in all the aspects.

ID 553468

Ayse Naz Pelen

Interaction designer, with a background on engineering, psychology and design.

ID 817852

Eva Biota

Multimedia and graphic designer, strong visual and technical skills. Worked for U.O.C Spanish Online University. Interfaces design and user experience.

ID 282732

David Creixell Mediante

Computer Engineer. PHP Senior developer, Symfony long experience. SQL & noSQL. Front-end and back-end coder. Co-Founder of

ID 781773

Efrén Pastor Piera

Front-end developer en

ID 853273

Emma Capener

Ui/ux backend designer for HP in Barcelona

ID 781798

Joan Vega

CTO @tenderlog and CEO @inte; worked @apple

ID 872400

João Piedade

UX Designer. Worked at, Log and Biodroid. Detail-oriented, out-of-the-box thinker and a team-player.

ID 825694

Monica Castell Sheehy

Worked in advertisement for 3 years, clients: IKEA, Vodafone, FOX, El País... Now focused on web/apps UX design and design for startups.

ID 184034

Paula Rúpolo

Designer at Printsome, co-founder at Passionate about where Design & Entrepreneurship meet to create brilliant solutions and innovative products.

ID 311600

Teresa Jiménez Hornillo

Social Media, Graphic Design, Community manager.

ID 809057

Isthar Marcon

Graphic and Visual designer, 10 years of experience. BA in Visual Communication, Master Degree in Digital Communication & Marketing. Design Lover!

ID 836251

david pulido

ID 788444

Leonardo Arrata Donadel

Fab Academy and UI/UX Designer.

ID 807198

Alberto Expósito

Creative Art Director // UX UI Designer // Illustrator

ID 820745

Imanol Egido

Front-end UI/UX Designer: highly experienced as Art Director Junior and Photographer.

ID 807311

Marc Padrós i Font

7/8 years working on a digital studio.

ID 679725

Benjamin Tarenne

I'm a junior Full-stack web developer in Ironhack, a place where I can use my knowledge's of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby, Rails, git, TDD, agile methods.

ID 583894

Tayseer Aiman


ID 807667

Samantha Martin Pearson

10+ years professional experience liaising with outsourced marketing, branding and software development teams across the globe (Europe, USA, Australia, Asia).

ID 854861

Karolin Siebert

I am a infographic designer with coding skills who wants to work in a junior frontend developer position using skills of both fields. I love data visualisation.

ID 831353

Txell Llorach

Unfortunately, I cannot provide with a portfolio as all the project I have worked for are subject to a confidential contract (different companies).

ID 251551

Magdalena Lipinska

Startups freak, full stack developer, single page app aficionado,

ID 127796

Álex García González


ID 164863

Horacio Herrera

interactive designer. @gquiroga31 husband. Jr. Designer at @Layerscom. Jr. iOS developer/designer. @TimerApp. @NSCoder_es Member. HTML5/CSS3/SASS/Jquery/iOS

ID 81179

Rafael Rengel

Graphic Designer / Marketing Expression for Retail / On Line Communications/ for Fashion Brands (Men-Women). Website Creation (SEO,SEM,Landing Page, Hosting)

ID 211560

Sevkan Ariburnu

Web designer

ID 77498


J'écris, je voyage, je mange, et je suis avide de plus de!

ID 387259

Alan Museljic

Founder and CEO: @shoplr-1

ID 213756

Jose Bautista

Designer working in the place where machines and humans meet.

ID 637436

Isabel Simó

Web and graphic designer with product design experience. Easily adaptable, self-learning and great attitude in front of big challenges.

ID 287654

Isaac Grant

I've done design work here and there but what I'm most proud of is my relevant skill set.

ID 397253

Andres Martinez Garcia

UI / UX Architect and Web Developer. Strong visual skills and created successful UI like,, and others. Proactive programmer.

ID 277399

Robert Bosch

ID 78226

Gilles Morgenthal

Mobile Interaction Designer - UX/UI/GUI are on my menu on a daily basis

ID 398578

Xavier Miró

UI/UX designer, web and mobile devices lover

ID 108464

Miguel Antolín

Web, mobile & Smart TV designer + UI/UX + iOS.

ID 406134

Néstor López de Arróyabe

UX Designer and Design Strategy. Worked at global companies: Deutsche Telekom, Buongiorno and small startups: iAhorro, Makeetshirts, Naturplace, Eldersarea.

ID 240553

Jeroen van Meerendonk

I'm a UI/UX frontend designer and developer, a self-taught and pixel detail enthusiast who loves HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

ID 250754

Pedro Manfredi

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