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ID 157930

Roberto Nygaard

PHP programmer and lover. JS and HTML5 curious. Flash hater. Into photography and astronomy. Like making unexpected features :) Love Start-Ups!

ID 187476

Maximiliano Urnezius

Co-Founder & Software IT of Fashion Pills. The reference of Fashion e-commerce in Europe.

ID 27660

Pablo Villalba


Founder of @8fit, a mobile fitness app. Get in shape with our workout and meal plans. Formerly founder of @redbooth-3. Strong product guy.

ID 769613

Marc Pérez

ID 182698

Simon Brown

Founder @myfiveby, sys & tech admin, coder, musician, sound engineer, studio owner

ID 156635

Alex Puig

Tech Entrepreneur, organiser of Digital Currency Summit in Andorra.

ID 67555

Nicolas Grenié

Intern Hacker in residence at @3scale Co founder of @cerealize Web, g33k, fun, frogs and snails !

ID 283613

Pedro Solá

Tech, trep & a whole bunch of whoop-ass

ID 404307

Naoise Golden

Frontend developer and crazy about startups. I am visiting some old friends in San Francisco in October.

ID 33879

Jacobo Pedrosa

Founder @lilymedia, @noituk

ID 247732

Joan Roig Arderiu

Worked at @trovit. Graduated from @universitat-autonoma-barcelona. Experienced the Silicon Valley vibe while working at @mytownperks.

ID 778537

Ulises Contreras

ID 311548

Albert Alonso

Software developer, passionate about building things, thinking big, with strong interest in all texhnologies. Large experience in web application development, with great involvement in the projects where I developed.

ID 571985

javier ramirez

Web developer, daydreamer and all around happy person. Founder of Google Developer Expert on the Cloud Platform.

ID 15220

Norberto Viale

Social Media Marketing Manager at @hp EMEA - Founder @lumiewed / Founder Hapzo

ID 686574

Csaba Szabo

ID 299799

Andy Atkinson

Full-stack software engineer. Ruby on Rails since 2008. Worked at LivingSocial (60mm+ members).

ID 600325

Mike San Román

ID 726873

Magdalena Binczycka

UX/UI designer, entrepreneur for more than 3 years with own client list, more than 5 years of experience in web designing and developing

ID 170182

Daniel Ripoll Osma

Founder @botmania-enterprises • Worked at @iglues, @todo-redes-de-comunicaci-n-global-s-l

ID 680964

Dario Cavanillas

Web Developer student at Ironhack

ID 164863

Horacio Herrera

interactive designer. @gquiroga31 husband. Jr. Designer at @Layerscom. Jr. iOS developer/designer. @TimerApp. @NSCoder_es Member. HTML5/CSS3/SASS/Jquery/iOS

ID 101729

alejandro hoyos román

Dessarrollo web en Cink Shaking Business S.L.

ID 167420

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals

Founder • Worked at @fastdove • Ubuntu/Debian Developer • Studied at UPC/BarcelonaTech

ID 121479

Bay Amigo

Founder aaaa, mi startup

ID 40230

Birdie Coronel Dequay

Professional web developer and entrepreneur. Owner at ChiOri {khi'-Ory} New Media (@chiorimedia-com) with a rich portfolio of web-based projects.

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