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ID 853273

Emma Capener

Ui/ux backend designer for HP in Barcelona

ID 513925

Albert Casanovas Aymerich

Software Enginner worked in InLab FIB, HYDs, OPTIM-A and CometGC. Founder

ID 310755

Albert Paris

Front & back-end developer, lead mobile first strategies; In love with Codeigniter & Yii

ID 438501

Louis Lambeau

Full Stack Engineer - DevOps - Cloud Architect.

ID 879649

Diego P. Suárez

Web programmer PHP, JS and now playing RUBY and RoR

ID 686574

Csaba Szabo

ID 886266

Aristides Papadopoulos

Experienced backend developer with mathematics background. Main fields of interest: architectural design, clean code, algorithms, concurrency.

ID 311548

Albert Alonso

Software developer, passionate about building things, thinking big, with strong interest in all texhnologies. Large experience in web application development, with great involvement in the projects where I developed.

ID 540886

Javier Ferrer

Worked at @uvinum, @bubiloop • Studied at @polytechnic-university-of-catalonia

ID 781798

Joan Vega

CTO @tenderlog and CEO @inte; worked @apple

ID 454765

Denys Pasishnyi

I'm software developer and passionate about technologies. Mostly I have experience in PHP/Symfony but also I have strong knowledge developing in Android.

ID 282732

David Creixell Mediante

Computer Engineer. PHP Senior developer, Symfony long experience. SQL & noSQL. Front-end and back-end coder. Co-Founder of

ID 101729

alejandro hoyos román

Dessarrollo web en Cink Shaking Business S.L.

ID 854861

Karolin Siebert

I am a infographic designer with coding skills who wants to work in a junior frontend developer position using skills of both fields. I love data visualisation.

ID 613852

Ricard Solé Casas

Freelance web developer

ID 139705

Patrick Heneise

Mobile Architect • Studied at @furtwangen-university-of-applied-sciences, @university-of-leiden

ID 846825

Jonathan Gimeno

Senior backend developer, specialized in well designed applications and used to deal with legacy code.

ID 823440

Hayden Stainsby

What you get when you cross a number theorist with a software hacker.

ID 737657

Alba Rincón

Back-end web developer

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